Workers making asphalt with shovels at road constructio

Our Story

Based out of Winters in Northern California Vintage Paving Company, Inc., is a General Contractor and was founded in 1994 by Edward Carbahal. A few years later Robert Nickelson came on board and then became Co-Owner. Over the last 20 years Plus Ed and Rob have taken pride in providing a quality service and product. Having a very low employee turnover rate allows our company to work as a team and tackle each project like a well-oiled machine with pride and integrity. Every employee knows their craft inside and out allowing us to speedily achieve the best possible finished product. Asphalt Paving may be our primary focus, but we are well versed in grading and site work that helps lay the foundation for us to pave on.

Vintage Paving Company, Inc., is a Union Contractor Signatory to the Operators Union (Local 3) and the Laborers Union (Local 185). We are also members of the ISN and Golden Shovel safety programs.